A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree 蓝鸟和樹

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This is a Shanghai Press publication that is being discontinued in the UK.

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A story in English and Chinese.


After planting a seed, the blue bird returns to find a full-grown tree, admiring how it changes through every season of the year.


At first, she is delighted by its bright flowers and beautiful green leaves, but as winter approaches, the leaves fall, leaving the little tree barren and cold.


The little tree worries that the blue bird won't love it anymore now that its colorful flowers are gone. However, the blue bird continues to care for the tree through every change, so much so that she makes her home within its branches--keeping the tree company for the rest of their lives.


A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree is a story of love that lasts through hard times and all of life's ups and downs. The blue bird and her tree learn about loyalty and growth through whatever changes might come.

A Blue Bird and Her Little Tree 蓝鸟和樹

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  • Publisher: Shanghai Press

    Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

    Text: English and Simplified Chinese

    Number of Pages: 42

    Trim Size: 9 1/4 X 9 Inches

  • Jin Bo is a children's book author and professor at Capital Normal University in Beijing. His books have won many awards including the China National Book Award, the National Outstanding Children's Literature Award by China Writers Association and the Song Ching Ling Children's Literature Prize. He was also nominated for the Hans Christian Andersen Prize. Zhao Guangyu is a professional children's book illustrator and writer. He specializes in using mixed techniques for illustration, such as combining watercolor with a woodcut effect.