Chinese Zodiac Animals

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Children will love to learn all about their Chinese zodiac animal with this great multicultural book for kids.

Which Chinese zodiac animal are you? A clever rat? A brave tiger? A hardworking ox? Or an energetic dragon?

In ancient China, each sign marked a different year in a 12-year calendar. Over time, people believed that a person's character and destiny were somehow decided by his or her zodiac animal.

Chinese Zodiac Animals explains the traits of each animal sign and what luck the future might hold for the person born under that sign. Chinese Zodiac Animals is a fun and informative way to learn about an important part of Chinese traditional culture.

Chinese Zodiac Animals

  • Publisher: Shanghai Press

    Format: Paperback

    Text: English

    Number of Pages: 56

    Trim: 19.6 x 19.6cm

  • Sanmu Tang Studio was founded in 2003 in China's Shijiazhuang City. The studio's dedicated professional designers have a rich experience in illustration. Their work includes the English language series Chinese Festivals. Some of their digital work is now available on Apple's online store.

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