HABBI HABBI Bilingual English-Chinese Starter Set

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About Habbi Habbi


Launched by two mums, Hanna & Anne-Louise in California, who have created their own Reading Wand & bilingual book series in both English-Chinese and English-Spanish. Their global (and growing) library is the perfect combination of their love of books and a deep desire to raise bilingual children, preserve cultural heritage and provide opportunities for lifelong enrichment to their families and yours.


Why choose Habbi Habbi?


The easiest way to expose children to another language - without screens. One wand to read all current & future titles. Hear words, sentences, sound effects & music (every inch is tappable!) Thoughtful illustrations that reflect diversity and inclusion In-line translations (with pinyin for Chinese), perfect for non-native speaking parents to read along and learn. Beautiful and bright hardcover board books that will last and come alive with one magical Reading Wand


Our Starter Set


A perfect entry into Habbi Habbi's world of bilingual learning. This set includes a Reading Wand and five hardcover board books - available in English-Chinese (Simplified).


The set includes: 1 Reading Wand + 5 Books

- Book of First Words - Book of First Phrases - Book of Emotions - Foodie Friends - I am Kind

HABBI HABBI Bilingual English-Chinese Starter Set

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  • Format: Board book

    Text: English and Simplified Chinese with Pinyin

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 inches