Heroes of China Collection

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In the Heroes of China book collection, author Jillian Lin retells 8 stories of famous historical figures in short, simple and easy to read formats for young children. They are illustrated beautifully with bright colours throughout.


This collection is suitable for early readers (2-5 years) and features both English and Simplified Chinese.


Emperor of China
The story of Emperor Qin Shihuang (秦始皇) who built the Great Wall and the terracotta army.


The Wise Teacher

Who is Confucius (孔子)? A story of the philosopher opened the first public school in the world.


The Music Man

Get to know Zhu Zaiyu (朱載堉), the first person to discover the tones of music as we know them today.


The Clever Doctor

Learn about Doctor Hua Tuo (华佗), the first person in the world to invent an anaesthetic drink to aid surgery.


The Girl Emperor
This is the story of Wu Zetian (武则天), the first and only female emperor of China.


The Star Gazer
A story about Zhang Heng (張衡), the first person in history to discover that the earth was round.


The Happy Sailor

Read about explorer Zheng He (郑和), who is thought to have discovered America before Columbus.


The Pirate King

Koxinga or Zheng Chenggong (國姓爺) was a Chinese pirate who defeated the Dutch to rule Taiwan.


Heroes of China Collection

  • Format: Paperback

    Text: English & Simplified Chinese

    Origin: Australia

    Pages: 24 (each book)

    Size: 21.5 x 21.5cm

  • When Jillian was at school, she found history classes incredibly boring so she dropped the subject as soon as she could!

    So how did she end up as the author writing a series of children’s books about a subject she disliked the most?

    When she delved into her Chinese heritage for a family reunion, she stumbled on the most amazing stories about the emperors, warriors, artists, and inventors that make up the long and colourful history of China. She realised that history doesn’t have to just be about facts and dates. It can be as exciting, gripping and fascinating as the best fiction adventure stories. She realised that in the very word ‘history’ sits the word she's always loved: ‘story’.

    Inspired, she decided to bring stories from Chinese history to life. No dates, no dry details - just interesting and easy to read stories that children as young as two can enjoy and hopefully, learn a fact or two in the process.

    Her greatest wish is that children and adults alike will have as much fun reading her books as much as she's had writing them.

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