Magical Rooster(花公鸡)- Chinese Zodiac Collection

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This is a Shanghai Press publication that is being discontinued in the UK.

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This beautifully illustrated multicultural children's book tells the story of a young boy and his magical rooster in both English and Chinese—a great story for Chinese New Year!

Long long ago, there lived a boy named Tang Yun. He studied very hard and was ready to take the imperial exam in the capital city, thousands of miles away from home. Tang Yun's mother was worried about him traveling alone. After working day and night, she finished embroidering a rooster on Tang Yun's outfit, hoping the magical rooster would be her son's guardian angel.

During his trip, the magical rooster protected Tang Yun whenever he was in danger. With a crowing of "cock-a doodle-doo!", the embroidered rooster jumped out of Tang Yun's outfit. He was alive! He was brave and kind and helped Tang Yun overcome many obstacles during his trip. Tang Yun safely arrived at the capital city and successfully passed his exam with honor. After being reunited with his mother, they lived happily ever after. 

Magical Rooster(花公鸡)- Chinese Zodiac Collection

  • Publisher: Shanghai Press

    Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

    Text: English and Simplified Chinese

    Number of Pages: 42

    Trim Size: 9 1/4 X 9 Inches

  • Li Jian graduated from Hebei Normal University in 2001, majoring in Chinese painting. Formerly a middle school art teacher, editor for children's books, and partner in an illustration studio, he currently owns his own illustration studio focusing on children's fairy tales.