Sion's Misfortune

A story about a man’s unerring optimism in the face of unexpected hardships.


"Each page is interspersed with image and text that carry the reader through an ancient China of feuding kingdoms, small village life, unruly steeds and the intangible magic and wisdom of one fortune-teller’s trust in fate and eventuality.


Jiafei and Ran achieve many things – they competently adapt a folktale to contemporary times without losing out on its sense of old-timey mysticism, break down some pretty heavy concepts so that it’s easily understood by a child and reiterate the need to believe in one’s own truth and to always look for the best that is yet to come – a message that is eternal and one especially necessary in our current times." Advaita Manikkath, Karadi Tales


Sion is a fortune-teller who lives in an ancient Chinese kingdom with his son and a beloved horse. When he begins to experience a series of unlucky events, he shocks everyone in town by saying that it is a sign of good things to come. Will Sion lose his reputation for being the wisest man in the kingdom, for how could misfortune ever be a blessing?


This profound folktale translated from Chinese is beautifully adapted by Chen Jiafei and illustrated in watercolours by award-winning artist Wang Ran.

Sion's Misfortune

  • Publisher: Karadi Tales

    Format: Softcover

    Text: English

    Number of Pages: 40

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