The Ventriloquist’s Daughter

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A solemn, dark reflection of pain, loss, grief, gender and trauma.


"This is a real page turner, and I was hooked from the start." Claire Storey, World Kidlit


"Wow was this a plot turner. It was such an interesting book about family, culture, and secrets. The SE Asian culture is seen in an interesting way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even when it had me a little scared. I highly recommend for YA." Mandy Perret,


After the tragic death of Liur’s mother, her father, a thwarted artist working as a doctor in the family hospital, is overcome with grief. He goes to study in America, leaving six-year-old Liur in the care of her grandparents, promising to return with a special doll for her.But instead of studying, her father travels to the Andes, where he meets a mysterious ventriloquist who takes him as a pupil.Five years later, he returns home, bringing with him one of the ventriloquist’s dolls. But it is not a present for Liur; instead, it becomes a menacing presence in the house, causing strife within the family.


The Ventriloquist’s Daughter

  • Publisher: Balestier Press

    Format: Paperback

    Text: English

    Number of Pages: 190

  • Man-Chiu Lin is a well-known children’s author in Taiwan who has published a number of successful YA novels as well as non-fiction titles. In Taiwan, she received the Golden Tripod Award for children’s fiction in 2003 and the “Good Books Everyone Can Read” Award for the best children’s book of 2010. ‘The Ventriloquist’s Daughter’ was long-listed for the 2014 Found in Translation Award and subsequently selected for the Found in Translation Anthology.

    Helen Wang is Curator of East Asian Money at the British Museum, and a literary translator working from Chinese to English. Her translations for children include Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan, Jackal and Wolf by Shen Shixi, Pai Hua Zi and the Clever Girl by Zhang Xinxin, and Tan Hou and the Double Sixth Festival by Cai Gao. She has also translated short stories by a wide range of Chinese authors.

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