Who Has a Pet Hedgehog? by Jan Heng

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Based on the real daily life of Odin the author's hedgehog, Who Has A Pet Hedgehog? describes how a little girl and her multicultural family take care of their pet.


Inspired by the special bond between the author's daughter Victoria and Odin, the story introduces the basics of hedgehog care---housing, diet, health, handling, and bonding.


By following a day in their household caring for Odin and how the family occasionally enjoys decorating Odin's enclosure for special occasions, so he can be part of festivities, Who Has A Pet Hedgehog? provides children insight into what it is like having a hedgehog as a pet before getting one, or simply have fun imagining what it is like to have one.  




As a retiring Pre-K-2 librarian, I almost wish I was staying on the job so I could introduce this book to the kids. It's a description of a day in the life of Odin and his owner, Victoria. Short simple sentences sparkle with lively word choice ("emerges from his cozy igloo"). The text is sprinkled with technical terms (nocturnal, enclosure, anointing)-great for discussion and further research. There are icky details that readers will love to gross out over (the types of worms and the sound effects of eating them, for example). And, just when I was thinking "Great illustrations, but kids will want real photos"-a spread at the end with candid shots of Odin. Recommended without reservation. - Jenny


"Who Has a Pet Hedgehog?" is, in one word, delightful. As a hedgehog owner and advocate, I was immediately impressed with the level of detail and honesty in the story and in the illustrations, which were beautifully rendered. The writing is accessible to younger readers and will be appreciated by all who read this book or experience the joy of having it read to them. - Kate

Who Has a Pet Hedgehog? by Jan Heng

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  • Reading age: 0-8 years

    Pages: 34

    Language: English

    Cover: Hardcover

    Dimensions: ‎ 27.9 x 21.5 cm

    Publisher: Heng + Adams

  • Jan Heng lives in Medford, Massachusetts with her family and pets. Jan grew up in Singapore, completed her undergraduate and PhD studies in Australia, and completed a fellowship in Canada. She is an internationally published women's health research scientist. Who Has A Pet Hedgehog is her first children's book. She was inspired by the special bond between her daughter and their two hedgehogs, Odin and Opal. Connect with Jan via email (whohasapetbooks@gmail.com) or follow @whohasapetbooks on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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